She makes awkward remarks to get me laughing when I can’t smile anymore and that’s what Preeti is- a bright, beautiful bestie and bride-to-be!!

Our first bridal shower under the Paheli brand and it could not have been more special than Preetis’ sincere surprise bridal shower with 18 fantastic ladies that have literally been at her side for the longest of time.

With Preeti being the bride, it was obvious that we had to embrace the absolute classy, finer details while still giving her girlfriends something to blush about.

La Vie en Rose at the Killarney Country Club served as the perfect venue for the high tea where the ladies were spoilt for choice with sweet and savoury delights, cocktails, wine and the obvious choice for a bridal shower- bubbles and blowjobs.

Tons of merriment and affection for Preeti exuded the table as her glam squad joined in the amusing activities and games, all designed to suit the theme and get the girls interacting.

Every girls “last pow wow” is an attempt at strengthening their bonds with her special girls however Preeti has always had the most amazing relationships with all those she has met and will definitely continue these after marriage.

We at Paheli, wish her and Nish a matrimonial life full of stomach clutching laughter, goose bumping romance and an eternity of happiness on this beautiful journey.

Photo’s by Davita Ambaram